AF for Business

Increase your sales with the Augmented Reality!

AF is an Augmented Reality App developed for all furniture manufacturers, resellers or design professionals who want to promote and sell their products in a more effective way thus helping their customers to buy with more confidence.

With AF your customers will be able to explore and try your furniture directly inside their interior. They will interact with your product for a long time, they will configure it and examine it from every angle, they will share pictures of it on all social networks giving the opportunity for your business to advertise in viral form and completely free.

Why you should subscribe to AF now

  • Generate high-valued leads ready to buy your furniture

  • Increase the geography of your clients

  • Get advanced statistical data on customer behavior

  • Increase the confidence of your customers Vs your products

  • Test samples of furniture and analyzes the level of customer appreciation

an AF Package
Upload the low-poly 3D models of your products
3D models under 
review before being 
approved for distribution*
Your 3D models are 
published on AF app
You start receiving leads and stats 
from the app.

*If model’s quality doesn’t respect AF standard we will ask you to submit new model. AF also offer service fee to optimize 3D meshes.


  • Upload number
  • AR visualization
  • AR configuration
  • “I WANT IT” enabled
  • Online Promo code
  • InStore Voucher
  • Reseller Geolocalization
  • Statistic data
  • FREE
  • Max 3 models
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
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